The City

Groningen, the city

About Groningen

Groningen is a lively student city. This youngest city in the Netherlands has a long, turbulent history which is reflected in the historic warehouses, courtyards and building.

Inhabitants; lots of students!
Groningen counts more than 200.000 inhabitants and is with an mean age of 36,4 years old, the youngest city of the Netherlands. This city is that young due to the more than 50.000 students in this city of whom a great amount are living in Groningen.  This makes Groningen a typical student city.

UniversityHet Academiegebouw in Groningen
The University of Groningen was founded in 1614 and is the second oldest extant University of Netherlands. This university includes about 26,000 students and about 10% of them coming from abroad. The Hanze University and the University of Groningen count for 175 disciplines and the University of Groningen is housed in 150 buildings scattered throughout the city and surrounding area.

Cycling City
Like every other city in the Netherlands, Groningen is a ultimate cycling city full of bicycles.
In 2002, Groningen was even elected as Best Biking city of the Netherlands. Groningen has 145 kilometres of cycle paths and the average use of bicycle among city-citizens is 1,31 times a day against a national average of 0.84 times per day.

Best downtown area
Groningen was in 2005 voted ‘Best City’ of the Netherlands. In this election, the participating cities will be judged on accessibility, decor, hospitality and security.

Due to the large number of young people studying at the university or college of Groningen has its own energy. Not only do the students give the city an economic boost but they also create a vibrant nightlife. The pubs and clubs are very popular with the students. There are no closing hours fixed in Groningen, so going out is possible till the early hours.