Application Procedure

As part of the application we would like to get to know you better. Furthermore we would like to learn more about your interests and academic career. For this application, we would like to ask you to write us a motivational letter in which you describe more about yourself in detail. Base your motivational letter on the following questions. Use a maximum of 550 words.

1.       Describe your personality and your interests.

2.       Describe your medical studies and your clinical experiences.

3.       Describe your experiences in and opinion on the field of research. If you have abstracts or
research papers you worked on, please send them with your application (a maximum of 2
attached files).

4.       Based on one subject from your curriculum vitae, what do you think you will gain by participating in the Summer School on Pediatrics or how do you think you will be able to contribute to our Summer School?

5.       Why have you chosen to apply for the Summer School on Pediatrics Groningen?

We are looking for highly motivated students who are interested in the field of pediatrics to participate in our summer school. It is possible that you are not able to address all questions in your letter. Try to pick the ones that tell us the most about you.

Furthermore, to complete your application, we ask you to fulfill the following tasks:

·         Send your motivational letter (abstracts and research papers optional);

·         Send your curriculum vitae, including a clear close-up photo of yourself;

·         After sending these documents, our secretary will send you a short application form to fill out.


Your motivational letter and curriculum vitae can be sent via email to

The sooner you send your complete application, the sooner we can evaluate if you are a potential candidate. This means that it is possible to be accepted before the final deadline.


The deadline for application of the Summer School on Pediatrics 2018 is the 1st March, 2018. We look forward to receiving your application!