Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the requirements to apply for a summer school?

The University of Groningen is a research university. This means that our summer school is research-driven and is targeting advanced bachelor students or (post) graduate students. Also, our summer school is taught in English, so you need a good command of academic English. You will need to provide a CV and a motivation letter. For more specific information, please take a look at the page: Application procedure. For further questions you can contact our secretary by email; summerschoolpediatrics@rug.nl

Is this summer school program also available for non-medical students?
No, this summer school  is only provided to medical students, since medial background is essential to attend and understand the content of this program.

Do I need a certificate for my English language skills?
No, this is not necessary. It is essential though that as an applicant you master the English language so you can fully understand the lecture’s, workshops etc. This will be assessed based on your motivation letter. 

When do we receive the results of our application?
The deadline of application is 1st March, 2018. The the results will be announced several days later.

You will receive an email from our secretary by that time.

Do I need a visa?
For most people it is not necessary to obtain a short stay visa (up to 90 days) beforehand. In some cases, depending on your nationality, you will need to apply for a so called Schengen visa (short stay visa). Check out the list of countries to see if you need a visa and find out more on how to apply for a Schengen Visa on the Dutch government’s website.
Please note that you can only apply for a visa after you have been admitted. If needed, your Summer School coordinator can provide an invitation letter.

Is housing arranged for me?
Housing is included in the fee of the summer school, which means that accommodation will be arranged for you. Once you have been admitted to the summer school of your choice, we will inform you about the housing details.

Do I have to prepare for the Summer School?
Yes, you need to read articles pertaining to the sessions that will take place during the Summer School. These articles will be provided by our secretary. You will receive them approximately four weeks in advance.