Mattheus Camargo

Participant of the Summer School on Pediatrics 2014


  • Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Matheus, I’m a 24 years old Brazilian Medical Student who is finishing the fourth year in college. I participated in the Summer School on Pediatrics 2014.


  • How did you get introduced to the Summer School?

I knew about it from my supervisor and from my friends who participated on it a few years before me.


  • What was your motivation to apply for the Summer School?

My will to get a glimpse of how studying abroad feels and my first chance to have contact with Pediatrics.


  • What was your opinion about the Summer School in general?

It’s been a wonderful experience. Different people, different contact with academic life, different cultures, different subjects… I wouldn’t change anything about it.


  • What did you learn during the Summer School?

I’ve had a general idea of what being a Pediatrician means. It was possible to know some of the many aspects this medical area can offer, and it will certainly be important in my professional decisions in the future.


  • What did the Summer School on Pediatrics contribute to your career?

Honestly, it has not definitely affected my professional decisions since I have not graduated yet. However, it made me think about another possibility for it.


  • What opportunity is the Summer School offering you now (+description/explanation)?

Mainly, it’s offering me the opportunity of coming back to Groningen, even though not directly. I was completely amazed by the way Medicine is practiced in the Netherlands and by UMCG structure in general. It made me apply for a Brazilian exchange program that is about to give me the chance of studying for a whole year in Groningen.


  • Why would you recommend the Summer School on Pediatrics?

I think it’s an excellent opportunity to mix knowledge and fun. While you learn a lot about a specific subject in which you’re probably interested, you are also in touch with many other different people and cultures.


Mattheus Camargo