Organising Committee 2017

This year, the 24th edition of the Summer School on Pediatrics will be organized by a newly formed committee of eight medical students. We will put our best foot forward this year, to make sure that the 24th edition of the Summer School on Pediatrics will be a huge success for all participants!

Meet the committee of 2017:

From left to right, top: Heleen, Wolf, Isabelle, Elles; bottom: Lotte, Lizzel, Mathies, Lara

Lotte Zuur, Chairwoman:

Hi everyone, my name is Lotte and I am 21 years old. This is my second year organizing the Summerschool on Pediatrics. It was an amazing experience, enough reason for me to join the committee for another year. This year I will make sure everyone is led in the right direction as the chair of the committee.

I am a third year medical student and I am very interested in the medical field in a global perspective. I would like to go abroad for my studies as well.

Besides studying, I like to see my friends, do sports, listen to music and go on trips to other cities. I am looking forward to show you around in the Netherlands and experience two amazing weeks together. We will make this an experience you will never forget!

Isabelle van der Linden, Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle and I am the secretary of the Summer School on Pediatrics 2017. I am the person who will answer your e-mails and give you all the information about the selection procedure and general information about this summer school. At the moment, I am in my second year of Medicine in Groningen. I am especially interested in neurology and pediatrics. Besides my study, I play field hockey, go out with my friends and spend some time on research in the field of pediatrics.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in July!

Heleen Driessens, Treasurer:

Hi everyone! My name is Heleen Driessens, 20 years old and a third year medical student in Groningen. This year I am the treasurer of the Summer School on Pediatrics committee. This is my second year in the committee, last year I took care of the Social Program. I enjoyed organizing the Summer School so much that I decided to stay on the committee another year! So this year I will watch over your money and make sure that all the money stays safe J. Besides my study and the committee, I also play field hockey, sail a lot, and like going out with my friends. I’m looking forward to see you all this summer and hope you’ll have an unforgettable experience!

Wolf Portzgen, External Affairs,

My name is Wolf Portzgen, I’m 21 years old and was born in the famous metropolis called Arnhem. I’m a third year student in Groningen and it’s my second year studying medicine. My first year in Groningen I studied movement sciences. While studying movement sciences, I got more and more interested in medicine, so I made the switch. I’m into music, sports, cooking and a lot more. This year I’m part of the Summer School on Pediatrics, which is really exciting. My function within the committee is external affairs, which I’m honoured to do. I’m sure that we, as a committee, can make an interesting and fun program for all participating students. I’m looking forward to meet all of you and welcome you in the beautiful city of Groningen.

Lara Janssen, Public Relations:

Hi guys! I’m Lara, I’m 20 years old and I will do the PR for the 24th edition of the Summer School on Pediatrics! Take a look at our Facebook page and you will see some of the work I’m doing for the committee! I’m currently in the 3rd and last year of my bachelor in medicine in Groningen. During my bachelor I sparked a particular interest for both cardiology and paediatrics, which is why I’ll be combining both specialties during my bachelor thesis. I enjoy spending my free time at the medical faculty bar in Groningen where I work, sailing with my friends from the sailing association in Groningen and of course, most of all, hanging out with our amazing committee J We are working very hard to put together an interesting and fun program for the Summer School on Pediatrics 2017, which is why I can’t wait to welcome you to Groningen in July!

Lizzel van der Snee, Educational Program:

Hello everyone! My name is Lizzel van der Snee, I am 20 years old. By now, I am in my third year of my bachelor of Medicine in Groningen. As a member of the VCMS, I am interested in the surgical aspect of Medicine. Besides my medical interests, I like to play hockey. This year I am part of this organizing committee for the second time. Last year I was in charge of the external contacts. This year I will be in charge of the educational program. Past Summer School was a wonderful experience. Therefore, I am looking forward to a great time in July with all of you!

Elles Oosterman, Social Program:

Hello! My name is Elles Oosterman, I’m 22 years old and a third year Medical student in Groningen. I’m very interested in oncology, neurology and of course paediatrics! In my free time I work at the UMCG, I’m part of multiple committees and I like hanging out and going out with friends. Together with Mathies Wolf I’m going to take care of the Social Program this year! In addition to the educational part, there is also an amazing social program, which includes dinners, parties, dancing, an optional visit to Amsterdam and much more. I hope to see you in Groningen in July and Mathies and I will make sure that your evenings and weekends will be filled with great activities!

Mathies Wolf, Social Program:

Hi everyone! My name is Mathies Wolf and I’m 20 years old. I’m in my second year of the bachelor of Medicine in Groningen. This year I’ll be responsible for the social program of the Summer School 2017. Together with Elles, we will organize all kinds of social activities in and around Groningen. In my free time I like to play sports, watch some series, read a good book, listen to good music and hang out with my friends. I’m really looking forward to the Summer School and I hope to see you all there!