Vivekananda Bhat

Participant of the Summer School on Pediatrics 2013


  • Could you introduce yourself?

I am Vivekananda Bhat, a 23 year old final year medical student from Bangalore, India


  • How did you get introduced to the Summer School?

The information about this Summer School was given to me by our International relationship Officer. We are lucky indeed as my university has a MoU with University of Groningen.


  • What was your motivation to apply for the Summer School?

I am very much interested in Paediatrics. I had heard from my friends and through the net that Summer Schools at Groningen were very good and they were much sought after. So, this interest and the fact that I am doing it in this wonderful place got me to this Summer School.


  • What was your opinion about the Summer School in general?

The summer school is a great experience, made extra special by the organizing committee. Lectures from top faculty, practical demonstrations, hands-on workshops, fellow students from all over the world, a superb social programme in the evening etc etc. Summer school is another name for AWESOMENESS


  • Which was your favorite discipline and why?

I specifically liked Infectious diseases lecture and Paediatric BLS training.


  • Can you tell us something about the researchproposal you wrote?

My team and me worked on the research proposal to compare the effectiveness of LNAA(long chain neutral amino acids) versus supplementation with Tryptophan and tyrosine in PKU mouse model. We were helped and guided by Danique Van Vliet, a MD-PhD student.


  • What did you think of the social program?

Social programme is the second highlight of the summer school. They are so well designed that you are not drained in the educational programme and get to know the Dutch culture well. Also, it is a wonderful time to get to know your fellow participants.


  • Which activity in the social program did you like the most?

The tour of Schiermonnikoog island was the most amazing social programme. It is a small wonderful island that we go around in bicycles. The town is fairy tale type, wonderful scenery, superb beach and weather. Make sure you spend some time playing in the beach.


  • What did you learn during the Summer School?

The summer school has taught me many things, from how to interact with patients to newer perspectives to current topics, from introduction to recent advances to practical learning of life saving skills. The talks are so well designed that you get to visit all fields of pediatrics in such a short time. The speakers are such admirable and expert in their field that in a short time they are easily able to fill in a lot of matter, which in medical school looked boring, suddenly starts feeling so interesting.


  • What does the Summer School on Pediatrics contribute to your career?

The summer school definitely opens new horizons and gives you lot of new paths in which you r career can proceed. Attending the lecture by Dr. Martin Kneijber has inspired me to take up my career as Paediatric intensivist.


  • What opportunities does the Summer School offer?

The summer school, I believe is a gateway to loads of opportunities. The faculty are approachable to any matter and I was happy when Dr. Martin Kneijber agreed to accept me to work under him when I requested him to. All you need is open ears and eyes and an inquisitive mind.


  • Why would you recommend the Summer School on Pediatrics?

The summer school is a lifetime opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to change your life. If you are still think whether to come or not, whether it will be good or not worth or not, keep all your worries aside and prepare yourselves for the best 15 days this summer.